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My Monograph, Variant Readings of the Qur'ān and Farāhī School’s Tafsīr Bāṭinī: A Reading of Jāvēd Aḥmad Ġāmidī’s Essay, is now available exclusively from Amazon, in Paperback and Hardcover Editions, as well as Ebook Edition. Buy today!

This paper contends, through a critical analysis of Jāvēd Aḥmad Ġāmidī’s essay titled ‘Variant Readings’, that Fārahī School of the Sub-Continent (As represented by Jāvēd Aḥmad Ġāmidī and his Al-Mawrid) has no academic or scholarly basis to reject the popular variant readings of the Qur’ān in circulation today. Qur’ān and Qirā’āt are two different terms, and refer to two different aspects: the skeletal text of the Qur’ān is multiformic and can be read differently across the Āḥruf, which were kept in the last recitation of the Prophet ﷺ with Ǧibrīl علیه السلام, called al-’Arḍah al-Āḵīra. Ġāmidī’s red herrings about these variant readings being a specialised field of academic study are dismantled in the course of this study and his claim that these variant readings are a later concoction in the tradition as a result is shown to be a false claim, devoid of any scholarship. To prove the falsity of his claims, the paper looks at the Ḥadīṯ of Seven Āḥruf, establishing its authenticity as mass-transmitted Prophetic ﷺ tradition and shows how Ġāmidī rejects this Mutawātir Ḥadīṯ in order to propagate Imām Fārahī’s Qur’ān-only ideology through his own textual interpretation: an esoteric exegesis of the Verses from Surah Qỳamah.

Read free online: DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.29951.69285/1

From the acclaimed director of plays like Bulha, Julius Caesar, Tooth of Crime, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, The Unseen Hand, comes a fairy-tale of an unearthly love and a bloodthirsty moon. Set in the magical realm of Hym, situated adjacent to the famous mythical mountain of Kaaf, this theatrical piece tells the story of wizards and black magicians, locked in bloody battles, hell-bent on revenge, death and destruction. What will be the outcome of these clashes? Will the love prevail or will the black magician's thirst for blood wash away the romance by the sheer force of its darkness? Find out now!

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This collection of research papers includes papers written on Aristophanes' Lysistrata , Jonson's Volpone , Sylvia Plath's Suicidal Poetry, Ibsen's Ghosts , O'Neill's The Hairy Ape and Sartre's The Flies . Many of these papers have been published in international journals. Each of these is a peer reviewed research paper and includes the complete lists of works cited and works consulted.

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Theatre (Un)Seen: The (In)Visible in Sam Shepard's Plays is an M. Phil. dissertation, submitted to the University of the Punjab. The dissertation argues that Sam Shepard’s plays have an added invisible dimension and attempts to demonstrate this invisibility through a detailed research on his stagecraft, scenography, language, and acting techniques. It ventures to establish that it is Sam Shepard’s art to create images through stage, some of which are visible onstage, and others hidden offstage; it is important, the dissertation contends therefore, to look at his plays from the point of view of the audience and reveal the techniques he uses to invoke images in the minds of the viewers.

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